You may have heard of the ancient healing art of Reiki. This is a non-invasive, simple process anyone can learn, that can be used to correct an imbalanced energy flow in your body. In the late 20th century the human energy field was discovered. Scientists now know that there is a personal field of energy sometimes called an aura which is related to your physical and mental health and well-being.

This was already understood centuries ago in the Far East. For hundreds of years healers harnessed their personal energy to balance imbalanced energy fields in themselves and others. By lightly moving their hands over a patient’s body, or simply hovering just above the body, they “virtually massaged” the human energy center.

Balancing and unblocking an energy field which is “out of whack” leads to a human body which works properly. You efficiently fight off disease and infection, your health is better than ever, your mind is sharp and capable, and this healing practice works whether you are young or old, man or woman, and no matter what culture you come from.

Would you like a Reiki treatment?

If you are interested in a heightened spiritual awareness, or physical and mental health, click the button below for a 1:1 Reiki session. This Reiki will provide you with incredible Life Force Energy power that naturally channels through my two hands, for greater fulfillment and awareness of your best, healthiest and happiest self.

Do you want to prevent diseases and illness? It is best to ACT NOW to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Our minds are connected to our bodies and we have the ability to balance our lives for a healthy and peaceful future. Jenette has 23+ years in the healthcare field. She have the ability to change your mindset, and everything else will fall into place.

Reiki requires no medical degree, shots or medicine. It is a non-invasive and easy to learn healing practice. It also functions as a preventive treatment to keep your energy flowing freely, which boosts your immune system and helps your body resist illness, disease and infection.

The Greatest Gift is Your True Authentic Self.

We live in a world that glorifies and glamorizes whoever has the most money, and whoever shines the most brightly. But is being top dog synonymous with happiness? The evidence suggests, no. If so, the richest among us would be immune to humiliation, grief, depression, and anxiousness. These emotions are significant parts of the human condition regardless of age, economic status, religion, or background.Sometimes, the higher we climb on that corporate ladder, the more we fear the potential fall. When we are on the bottom rung, we can appreciate the ground below which houses our roots. Consequently, we can value the journey from riches to rags. When forced to see from the ground up (or the back alley), we are led to a transformational and fulfilling life. This evolution has led me to my ethnic roots and recoup all that it provides. This little keepsake book points out the value in life’s simplest things. When life does not go as planned and we’re hit with surprises, the solutions can be found in nature, and in ourselves. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is at first bad news. Need to clear your mind from clutter and distractions? Use this book when you’ve hit a troubling spot and see from a backward –yet, oh, so progressive— perspective.

Interested in learning about Reiki? You will learn…
• Just exactly what Reiki is
• That complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) like Reiki are increasingly offered in hospitals and modern medical institutions
• The different levels of Reiki
• How to get started healing yourself with Reiki
• How an imbalanced energy field can be causing health problems in your life
• The many health benefits associated with this ancient healing practice
• What you can expect in a typical Reiki session
• The 7 chakras (energy centers) which Reiki can unblock and balance, leading to mental, spiritual and physical health and happiness
• The different hand positions you need to perform to heal specific health problems
• The Reiki symbols that boost your healing practice
• What to look for when “shopping” for a Reiki master

Reiki Benefits

  • Naturally high energy levels
  • A boost in your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Less stress, depression and anxiety
  • A lowered risk of contracting heart disease
  • A stronger mind, body and spirit
  • Better control over body weight
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