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  • Simple Interventions to cope with stress, worry, and manage anxiety in your everyday life.
  • Practice Mindfulness and reap the benefits.
  • Shift your focus and change the way you face the day.
  • Try Cognitive Behavior Approaches: Diaphragmatic breathing, exercise, and change the way your brain responds.
  • Use goal-directed Reiki to relax and reduce stress.
  • Rewire your brain for positive health results.

We Will Write Your Personal Meditation

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Jenette Yamamoto, Reiki Master, COTA/L, & Life Coach.

  • Twenty-seven years in the healthcare field, specifically rehabilitation.
  • More than 300 hours of continued education on a variety of subjects.
  • Helped more than a thousand patients reach their goals.
  • Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist Assistant & Life Coach.

"Jenette is an extremely compassionate and gifted practitioner. Her reiki sessions are very targeted, and she gave me the option of doing a combination of both Reiki and guided meditation specific to my needs at the same time. I think this approach provides an even stronger response. My experience was extremely comfortable and positive, and she was very professional and prepared. I would highly recommend Jenette for both her Reiki treatments as well as her personalized meditations!" -- Carrie H.

"Jenette is very kind, compassionate, and professional. Most of all, she really has the gift as a Reiki Master. I will definitely be asking her to come back again soon!" -- Kim N.

"Very nice lady, good energy, nice vibe!! Definitely will have her heating hands help liven up and bring life back into you and your chakras.  Will most definitely come back." -- Elena B.

Decrease Daily Stress | Manage Anxiety | Transform Negative Thoughts | Achieve Goals

Learn How to Write a Personalized Meditation 

Feeling overwhelmed? The Vance Twins will help you create your medical meditations together based on Jenette's 27 + years of experience working in the healthcare field, including as a Rehab Director for Lifecare, and her twin sister, who has 27+ years writing experience and is an international multi-award recipient and gold-medalist author, Janine Vance, Ph.D., Philosophy. She is the author of numerous books on Metaphysics and Eastern Philosophy for beginners.  Together, they can help you write a medical meditation script to help you reach your goals.

Reiki channels universal energy, also called ki or qi (CHEE), to balance and soothe the body. Tibetan monks initially practiced energy work more than 2,500 years in Tibet where it is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the late 1800s, Reiki was rediscovered by Master Mikao Usui of Japan and created into a system that Westerners could study and gain significant benefits.

Humans have benefited from the energy therapy called Reiki for thousands of years. However, most Westerners have not been told that it exists and some dismiss it before it is fully understood. While Western medicine is beneficial, there is also a place for energy therapy rooted in the East as a alternative and complementary remedy. 

If you are worried or anxious but find that modern Western methods of care are not enough, the addition of Reiki could resolve body tension and stress.

In 2008, Jenette became a Reiki Master, attuned from the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the father of the spiritual healing practice called Reiki. As a Reiki Master, she focuses on assessing the client’s needs and directs the Universal Life Force Energy so clients can relax and restore.

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The Cheapest Therapy on Earth


Courtesy of Janine Vance

While grieving the loss of someone you love, this can serve as relaxing relief, turning grief into good grief. It is designed to help busy people relax or people with disabilities or eye impairments like the curator of this coloring book!

A Peaceful Mind Generates Power

Norman Vincent Peale

Mental and Spiritual Energy Therapy for busy individuals

Design Flourish
Rise from the Dread: A Beginner's Guide to Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety
Easy Eastern Self-Care Tips

"I loved it! It was inspirational and uplifting, really! It was perfect for me, especially since I was in isolation because I was positive for COVID. Everyone should read this book!"

Carol Shaw, Lifecare Patient

Where to Find Peace So You Can Live Like Mad

Rise from the Dread: A Beginner's Guide to Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

Tree of Life: There was a Time, by composer and Scientist, Scott Buckley

Can't Sleep? Enjoy this gift of meditation and Reiki energy music for better sleep.

More relaxing sleep music...

Enjoy beautiful nature scenes and Reiki energy music to escape stress, worry, and anxiety

Use the Power of Medical Meditation and Reiki to reach your goals to a peaceful mind.



Enjoy the soft sounds of rain with relaxing sleep music to escape stress, worry, and anxiety

Enjoy beautiful nature scenes and Reiki energy music to escape stress, worry, and anxiety




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