What are the Meridians?


In many forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the meridians are used to heal the body in various ways. Three of the most common ways of using meridians to enhance health and well-being are acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki.

In the West, acupuncture and acupressure are the most familiar forms of meridian therapy. Reiki has been growing in interest and popularity ever since it was introduced to the West from Japan after World War II.

Each healing method used the meridians, 14 different energy centers of the body, but in different ways. With acupuncture, thin metal needs are used to balance, stimulate, or adjust the energy within the meridian.

With acupressure, a finger, knuckle, or soft but firm object like the eraser at the end or a pencil are used to target each meridian and get the energy to unblock and flow once more.

Reiki, pronounced RAY-key, means spiritual energy. It is commonly translated as universal life force energy. All meridian therapies try to increase, balance and move around the ki or qi, (pronounced CHEE), or vital energy that keeps us alive and healthy.

If the qi stops flowing, however, disease, that is, dis-ease can result. Reiki is commonly referred to as hands-on healing, laying hands on the body in certain positions to balance the meridians.

However, this is not strictly accurate, because Level 2 and master reiki practitioners don’t even have to use touch. They can hover their hands over the meridians, and do distance healing as well. Some Reiki masters can heal with just a look, their mental concentration is so powerful.

The meridians
There are two systems of channels or meridians, the primary and the secondary meridians. Reiki mostly focuses on the 12 primary meridians because they affect the internal organs for health and healing, whereas the secondary don’t.

There are 12 pairs of primary meridians

1. Lungs
2. Colon
3. Stomach
4. Spleen
5. Heart
6. Intestines
7. Urinary bladder
8. Kidneys
9. Pericardium
10. Gallbladder
11. Liver
12. Triple burner


The triple burner meridian is thought to represent our metabolism and could be associated with the heart, lungs, and pancreas, which produces insulin. Some TCM practitioners think it might be associated with the sex organs.

Finally, there is yin, feminine energy, and yang, masculine energy. Reiki and other meridian work make sure these are in balance so the body doesn’t under function or over function.

If you’ve been feeling out of balance, meridian therapy such as reiki could be right for you.

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