From Grief to Peace

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Grief comes on like waves of the ocean, you never know when that wave will hit you.  It may come in lightly barely touching, brushing up against your naked feet, reminding you gently or it comes on strong, sometimes as if you can’t breathe, like a rainstorm or tidal wave….sometimes feeling out of control, drenched with sadness, soaked with feelings of loss and despair.  You never know when the waves will come in or how hard they will hit you, sometimes knocking you down to your feet.

Practice this exercise: Create an energy ball within your hands, rotating the ball around, watch as it becomes bigger and bigger until it is the size of a basketball. This ball of fire is ‘chi’, also known as, Universal Life Force Energy. Focus on the energy, the warm glow, and feel the heat from the palms of your hands. If you do not feel the heat, that is okay too, as long as you visualize the warm energy glow.  Once the ball of energy is the size of your liking gently place it over your heart and now feel the warmth surrounding your heart.  Focus on this image and concentrate on the feeling.  Mother Nature is gently taking care of you, soothing your soul, and ultimately giving you peace of mind.  Give it some time and know everything will be okay, you will be able to find peace within the sadness that you feel, by understanding that grief is an Expression of Love. Visualize the energy from your hands, healing your broken heart. Watch as your heart mends. Now take a deep cleansing breath in, and exhale slowly.  Feel the release of grief and heartache. Watch as the energy transforms into peace. Take a deep breath into your nose, and gently exhale through your mouth, pursing your lips, and gently blow out slowly as if you are watching a flame flicker. Continue to do this soft pursed-lip breathing for a few more minutes.

Use the gift of your imagination to keep your loved one close to your heart, in remembrance.  Healing with your imagination will keep your loved one, sacred and transforms your memories into peace.  Remember his or her essence or spirit and you will never let them go from your mind, body, or soul.  This memory is private and sacred to you and only between you and your loved one.  It does not matter how you came about to know this special being or how this being left the earth. Appreciate the relationship you had together. The two of you may be the only ones to feel, to know, and understand this special bond. Because of this private bond, it is sacred.

This guided meditation is to allow yourself to open up, break down the wall, feel the loss, and let it go when you are able.  Say to yourself that everything is okay, letting the rain or tidal wave wash over you because this is remembrance which is a part of the healing process. Treasure the memory…listen to the waves, both soft and hard, allowing the waves to wash away the ache you feel and replacing grief with peace in your heart.  Understand compassion allows you to move forward. Use this visualization to help you heal with the strength of their memory.

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“The mindful ideas can be practiced by anyone, at any time, and at any location. It does not matter who you are or what limitations, political, or religious leanings one way or another, you might have. Need to “stay calm and carry on” in today’s harsh landscape which seems so divided on various levels? For anyone of us who has ever been demeaned and demoralized prompted by misconstrued assumptions about who “you” are, use one or two of these suggestions for your benefit. This writing was originally intended only for myself to refer to as needed, but due to encouragement, I am sharing them briefly with the public for the first time here. I hope you find value in a few of the ideas.” — Janine Vance



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