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Grief Relief Flower Power Therapy: Meditate, Celebrate, and Recuperate with Healing Mandalas Paperback – Large Print, August 5, 2022

Grief Relief Flower Power Therapy: Meditate, Celebrate, and Recuperate with Healing Mandalas Paperback – Large Print

My sister created this coloring book as a way to relieve grief. Our dad lived to be 90 years old and spent his last days without us, alone in a nursing home. The grief and guilt were horrible. After living with my sister for three decades, he had to go to a nursing home because his dementia worsened. He was isolated and alone. Because he was aphasic, he could not tell us of his physical abuse and the great loss he felt from not having his family around him. We were not allowed to visit him because it was right when the COVID outbreak happened. He often colored during his elder years as a ‘time filler’ when he lived with Janine. This coloring book my sister created is inspired and dedicated to him. He was always supportive of all the work Janine and I did to support families of loss. Our dad will be remembered forever in our hearts as an advocate and loving father.

Grief is unexpressed unconditional love that sometimes spills uncontrollably and at any moment. Grief is like the ocean’s waves, sometimes coming in lightly or huge waves crashing all around. How do we come from a place of grief to a calming feeling of peace? It’s also a place of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not about forgetting but about freedom. Freedom from the guilt of what was not done or what was done. It is important that we find a way to let out how we feel. Don’t keep it in. Hopefully, the simple act of going back to our childhood, such as coloring, will help with healing.

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