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Reiki Master, Jenette Yamamoto

Empowering Your Well-Being Through Tailored Guidance.

Unlock the Power of Your Imagination with Prescribed Meditations for Healing.

Explore a transformative journey tailored to your needs, guided by Reiki Master Jenette Yamamoto. Embrace inner peace and empowerment as you embark on a unique healing process, leveraging the strength of your mind. Discover a wide range of personalized meditation themes, from physical well-being to emotional balance. Tap into your mind's potential to manifest positive change and nurture your body and soul. Whether you seek relief from stress, pain, or emotional burdens, the personalized meditations will support your healing journey. Awaken your inner healer, and experience the profound impact of imaginative healing. Begin your transformative exploration today!

Reiki is a massage for the soul.

In 2008, Jenette became a Reiki Master attuned under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of the spiritual practice known as Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Jenette, Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique founded by Master Mikao Usui (8-5-1865 to 3-9-1926). Mikao Usui is the father of the Reiki Spiritual practice.  Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy from a 'higher source,' 'God,' 'Creator,' or 'Spirit.' In Japanese, "Rei" means Universal Higher Power, and "Ki" means Life Force Energy. This loving Energy is channeled through Jenette's palms as a Reiki Master. Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy that helps with the restoration and relaxation of the body, thus decreasing stress, anxiety, and worry. When Energy is left stagnating or unattended, it can create physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease and distress within our mind, body, and chakra system. Reiki transforms Energy and is wonderful relaxation therapy.

Because of this gift, Jenette can feel this healing energy through her hands even when she thinks about Reiki. She was given the message to help people by giving reiki sessions, hosting reiki shares, attuning future reiki practitioners, or teaching. She knows Reiki is a very soothing and relaxing energy therapy and would elevate your life even more. If you are interested in learning from Jenette, send her a message!

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki's benefits are: It relieves tension & stress, helps reduce fatigue, enhances energy, relieves pain, activates body healing power, and promotes relaxation.

A message from Jenette

"From working in healthcare facilities for 27+ years, including as the Rehab Director for a sister Lifecare building of Kirkland during the COVID pandemic, I believe doing what we can to help ourselves prevent illnesses and care for ourselves is vital for our quality of life, now and in the future. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax, opens up chakras and removes blockages and increases circulation to treated areas, which can start the relaxing process. Clients report a reduction in stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains, and other minor conditions. Reiki also promotes peace of mind, including releasing anger, fear, worry, and sadness. 

Because of my medical background for so many years, I create Personalized Reiki Medical Meditations for clients to channel their energy into decreasing stress and anxiety. Reiki Medical Meditations help lift any blocks the person may have created during his or her stressful career. I am compassionate and empathetic, so the person trusts me, therefore, is more at peace during the session.

As a Reiki Master, I clear away energy blockages so clients can feel relaxed enough to access their authentic power. Reiki allows soothing life force energy to run through the chakra system to aid physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual recovery. When the body's energy field is out of balance—sometimes due to fear, guilt, stress, or pure exhaustion—the inability to draw on these energy wheels can create dis-ease, and if not addressed—or at least acknowledged, can manifest into diseases. My goal for the client is to feel restored and for the client to feel comfortable and at peace. Let the natural Reiki energy clear away the blockages in your body and balance your life."  

Hope to see you soon! Jenette

Do you live in Washington State? Would you like a Reiki Session or start a Reiki Circle?  Email and write in the subject line, "I would like a Reiki Session", or "I would like to start a Reiki Circle

Jenette became a Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui in 2008.

  • Licensed & Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant 1995
  • Reiki Master 2008
  • Life Coach 2018
  • Trained in Hypnotherapy & Certified in 2011
  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional 2019

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Learn How to Write Your Transformational Guided Meditation at a one-day Reiki Retreat.

Need stress relief to recalibrate? Join the Vance twins for a day of restoration. Let go of worry so you can move forward with more confidence.

Jenette & her twin sister, Janine (Vance Twins) with Deepak Chopra

At the Reiki Retreat, you will receive:

  • Reiki Attunement

    Receive a Reiki Attunement by Reiki Master, Jenette trained under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of the spiritual practice.

  • Experience a Reiki Share

    You will experience the power of Reiki energy within a Reiki Circle.

  • A Healing Heart Chakra Meditation

    You will be guided through a heart chakra meditation for the purpose of providing peace to your mind, body, and soul.

  • Learn How to Write a Self-Healing Meditation

    Learn how to write a personalized healing meditation from an award winning author, Janine Vance.

  • A Delicious Meal and Snacks

    Do you have food preferences or special dietary needs? No worries! Just let us know and it will be taken care of.

  • A Perfect Gift for You

    This retreat is a perfect gift for your health and well-being. Come get pampered, relax, and learn about Reiki.

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