Prescribed Meditations

For the benefit of improving life and empowering humanity, we enjoy creating easy-to-use personalized relaxation scripts, audios and videos. Meditation contains no harmful side-effects. In fact, it is a natural solution for better relaxation, self-improvement, smoking cessation, relief from stresses, or losses–among numerous other issues we humans face every day. Learn to naturally clear your mind for better clarity and focus. Meditation can serve as a guide to see challenging situations with deeper understanding. Go ahead and stick around! These audios and videos will improve your mood!

 Finally, for the past couple of decades, Western doctors have been prescribing meditation as a complementary practice to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Within the traditional medical community, more and more are prescribing meditation as a natural remedy for some of the most difficult issues we, humans, face. The most exciting part of this practice is that there are no harmful side effects. Humanity has used meditation for thousands of years, and the ancient practice is gaining acceptance as an effective healing method. Give yourself the gift of time and attention. Specialized meditations can unleash and release old wounds.

“It is better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.” A Chinese Proverb

Since 1998, we have utilized the value of meditation in our lives. Moreover, our 86-year-old father even recovered from a 100-foot fall from hang-gliding which resulted in a traumatic brain injury that affected his motor control skills, speech, balance, and coordination. He used the practice of quieting his mind to heal himself. Today, because of meditation, he astoundingly says the injury was the best thing that ever happened to him. Since the 1984 fall, he has never had to take pharmaceutical medicine.  Rather, he meditates.

 If you are feeling down-and-out or simply overwhelmed, meditation can help. Want a personalized script to help you heal? Our scripted guided meditations address specific sabotaging and critical thoughts, ultimately clearing them away to clarify your mind. Want a specialized script to relieve stress? Simply bookmark this page, enter your email, and we’ll keep you posted with access to free guided meditations as soon as they are made available.

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