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Vance Twins Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Vance Twins Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

The Vance twins have each worked in their field of expertise for more than twenty-five years. They recently joined forces to provide personalized guided meditations and host write-for-your-life retreats for busy people.

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine handpicked and invited the Vance Twins to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise. Read exclusive articles from influential leaders, top entrepreneurs, expert coaches, and industry leaders within the topics of mindset, business, leadership and lifestyle.

Rev. Dr. Janine loves to assist and uplift non-writers to write and promote their stories. When you give a monetary gift, you support the voices of grief survivors and marginalized communities. Visit here for more details.

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A Cyber-Space Self-Care Community with the intention of escaping from stress, worry, and anxiety.

Please feel free to post your favorite quotes, healing meditations, prayers, inspirational stories, music, photography, art, authors, or anything that inspires you. Sharing in this way helps to heal the world.

"To the Buddhist, healing means much more than healing the body, as the mind and emotions must also be healed, and healing must, first of all, be spiritual." -- Essential Reiki, by Diane Stein

Every culture has a sacred perspective of what this higher power is. Each individual has that power within and perceives it using their perspective. We believe that all people belong to God -the Source, Energy, Universal Mother, or Sacred Energy Life Force – as called by other philosophies and religions. Sky Sanctuary is a gentle nurturing place where people of all faiths and backgrounds can share personal experiences, ask questions or offer words of wisdom.

"The Universe came into being with us together; with us, all things are One." --Chuang-Tsu

The Vance twins are the administrators of Sky Sanctuary.

They started a group where people from around the world could get together to share inspirational thoughts, quotes, and articles and to help motivate, support and encourage each other. Their dad fell 100 feet from hang-gliding, sustaining a serious head injury, and the sisters cared for him physically for almost 40 years. Their (adoptive) mother was diagnosed with cancer when they were 16 and died in 1997. They have been on a spiritual path since their mom visited them after she passed away to give them a message of encouragement and gratitude.

Rev. Dr. Janine, Ph.D., is a book doctor, feature-length screenwriter, and international award-winning author of many books, including Twins Found in a Box, The Search for Mother Missing, and Rise from the Dread. She also consults entrepreneurs on story development and guides clients through the process of publishing their books worldwide.

Reiki Master Jenette has worked in nursing homes for 25+ years as a Certified & Licensed Occupational Therapist Assistant and Life Coach, and she was trained in Integrated Psychology and Applied Neuroscience. She became a Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She enjoys helping people learn about Reiki and develop personalized meditations catered to their needs.

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