Chakra System


What are Chakras?

I have been reading a lot about Chakras and find it very intriguing and vital when doing energy work. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, ‘Chakra’s are any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to philosophy.’ The function of the chakras is to draw in Rei “Higher Power” or “God Force” and Ki “Life Force Energy,” to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance. The word Reiki translated from Japanese as “Sacred Life Force Energy.”

There are seven major Chakras wheels or points in our bodies that run from the top of our head to the sacrum or pelvic floor, along the spine:

The body has more than 88,000 chakra points according to yoga philosophy, and when these Chakra points open, you feel balanced, refreshed and vitalized. When you have blockages, you feel low of energy, tired, and depressed. It is vital that we listen to our bodies and do what we can to prevent disease and illness. Energy work helps prevent diseases and can prolong your life with healthy living. We all want to live a long life but only if it is healthy. We don’t want to live to be a 100 but having to reside in a nursing home away from our loved ones and dependent on others for our care. That is why I find this energy work so valuable now and want to share it. Because I work for more than 22 years in the nursing home I have seen the damage to people emotionally, physically, and mentally when they do not take care of hurt feelings or emotions that they have kept bottled up inside due to shame, guilt, resentment, anger, or even rage. You have to have a healthy outlet. You have to let your negative feelings, your past emotional traumas, or your stress and anxiety out of your body rather than keep it stored up inside, festering until you are about to explode.

Why are Chakras blocked?

When we take in pain and trauma into our bodies and do not address it, the energy of that trauma stays stagnant in our Chakra. If we do not let out emotions or deal with our feelings, the energy becomes stagnant and creates dis-ease within our body. A healthy chakra moves energy through the chakra system smoothly (similar to how traffic moves smoothly on a highway, without car wrecks or blood flows smoothly through our veins and arteries without blood clots). The universal life force energy provides health into our bodies. Based on the mind-body connection, if we do not become aware of our emotions and feelings, and instead stuff our anger and pain down deep into our bodies, we are preventing ourselves from living a truly free and healthy life.

Unfelt or suppressed emotions build up in the body and stay stagnant. Movement is life force energy and if no movement the energy stays stagnant. Diseases occur in the body where energy is stagnant or barely moving. Most people are afraid to feel, but if we do not take notice of our feelings and address them as they come, they will then manifest into bigger emotions such as guilt, anger, anxiety, resentment, shame, negativity, and fear. These feelings can eat at us on a daily basis and will trigger illness. Are these negative emotions worth having cancer or heart disease? NO! We must learn how to address these feelings to prevent a likely medical diagnosis. One must remember that it is okay to feel these ‘negative’ emotions to overcome them and heal. We are taught as young children to ‘don’t cry’ or ‘suck it up,’ but when we do, we are taught to suppress and ignore our emotions, which will then get stuck in our gut or other places in our bodies. For example, when not being allowed to mourn a loss of a parent our heart aches and therefore we may start manifesting or triggering the potential for heart disease later in life. From working in Long Term Care for 22+ years, I’ve seen thousands of patients with long lists of diagnosis because they ignored the early warning signs. I would like to prevent this from happening to you. Our bodies talk to us. If you feel sadness, you must tell yourself that it is okay to cry. It is normal to feel upset about a trauma that happened in the past.

What to do when Chakra’s are blocked or already have a disease?

We must be aware of our thoughts. Meditation and guided visualization is a powerful alternative or complementary tool that changes the energy field within our bodies and outside of our bodies. If everything is energy, then diseases are too. Our thoughts are very powerful. Try starting with simple meditations here.

How might I feel or how do I know if my Chakras are over or out of balance?

Questions you can ask yourself:

Do you feel safe in the world? Do you often feel unworthy? Do you often feel stuck in negative emotions, feel people take advantage of you, can you feel people’s pain and does it feel draining? Do you have an addictive behavior, a hard time finding inspiration or passion? How about having a hard time giving, or speaking your truth? Do you feel you have an addiction or addictive behaviors? Or do you have a hard time setting boundaries? Each major chakra system addresses one of these behaviors.

What can I do now for a healthier me and prevent further dis-ease?

Energy medicine is an excellent way to unblock our chakras, so the flow of energy will replenish, and you will feel more energetic, and balance. Reiki Masters are a great way when looking for outside help. Meditation and guided visualization is another way to start helping yourself now. I’ve written up and included several meditations for you to use to get you started. If you would like your personal guided visualization meditation or a Reiki session, please contact me.

The Seven Chakras

The Crown Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

the Sacral Chakra

Root Chakra

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