Easy Self-Care With Reiki


Reiki is a great addition to any self-care routine. It does take some time to learn, but once you do, you can treat yourself any time you need to.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing which uses the energy in the body, the ki, or qi, (CHEE) to balance and heal. It has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was practiced for more than 2,500 years in Tibet, until it fell out of fashion. In the late 1800s, it was rediscovered by Mikao Usui of Japan and turned into a system that modern people could study and get great benefit from.

It is important to know this because reiki should be taught by a reiki master, who will give what is termed an attunement so you can learn the hand movements. Then you can give yourself treatments on a regular schedule. The ideal schedule is 3 days in a row, followed by 18 days in which you can do other things like meditate and do other forms of energy work.

Reiki has been associated with many health benefits, but here are a few easy ways to use it for self-care regularly:

Balance and boost your aura
Your aura is your armor against the world and the impression you convey to others. Your aura should be strong all over, not thin in places, or else this might cause imbalance and disease, or people taking advantage of you. Polish your aura with reiki.

Identify your main health issues.
As you work your way along your body and then each of the main energy points during each reiki session, the meridians and chakras you will be laying your hands over, you might sense low energy or some other issue and focus your power there. For example, the organs are linked to the meridians, so focusing on one meridian in particular can offer deeper healing.

Enhance your concentration and mood
Each reiki session involves 3 things, starting, healing, and concluding in a way that is mindful, that is, in a state of focus and awareness. This is usually through meditation. Meditation can help you balance body, mind and spirit, and improve your concentration. In this way your mind will feel clearer and your mood uplifted.

If you’ve been struggle with health issues or just don’t seem to be able to stop feeling stressed and worried, reiki could be the perfect healing path for you.