How to Turn Grief into Peace Using Reiki


Grief to Peace Exercise with Reiki:

Create an energy ball within your hands, rotate the ball around, and watch as it becomes bigger and bigger until it is the size of a basketball. This ball of fire is ‘chi,’ also known as Universal Life Force Energy. Focus on the energy, the warm glow, and feel the heat from the palms of your hands. If you do not feel the heat, that is okay, too, as long as you visualize the warm energy glow. Once the ball of energy is the size of your liking, gently place it over your heart, and now feel the warmth surrounding your heart. Focus on this image and concentrate on the feeling. Mother Nature gently takes care of you, soothing your soul, and ultimately giving you peace of mind. Give it some time and know everything will be okay; you will be able to find peace within the sadness that you feel by understanding that grief is an Expression of Love. Visualize the energy from your hands, healing your broken heart. Watch as your heart mends. Now take a deep cleansing breath in, and exhale slowly. Feel the release of grief and heartache. Watch as the energy transforms into peace. Take a deep breath into your nose, gently exhale through your mouth, pursing your lips, and gently blow out slowly as if you are lightly blowing a flame and watching it gently flicker. Continue to do this soft pursed-lip breathing for a few more minutes.

Use the gift of your imagination to keep your loved one close to your heart in remembrance. Healing with your imagination will keep your loved one sacred and transforms your memories into peace. Remember their essence or spirit; you will never let them go from your mind, body, and soul. This memory is private and sacred to you and only between you and your loved one. It does not matter how you came about to know this special being or how this being left the earth. Appreciate the relationship you had together. The two of you may be the only ones to feel, know, and understand this special bond. Because of this private bond, it is sacred.

This guided meditation allows you to open up, break down the wall, feel the loss, and let it go when you can. Tell yourself that everything is okay, letting the rain or tidal wave wash over you because this is a remembrance part of the healing process. Treasure the memory. Feel the waves, both soft and hard, allowing the waves to wash away the ache you feel and replacing grief with peace in your heart. Understanding compassion allows you to move forward. Use this visualization to help you heal with the strength of your memory.

How to change Grief into Good Grief

Grief Relief Therapy Coloring Book. And give your eyes a break! Do your eyes need a break from that dreaded blue-light screen? This activity (and therapy) provides great eye respite from phones, iPads, computers, and daily use of electronic screens for teens, seniors, the elderly, people with disabilities, and those of us coping with eye strain. This book also provides a unique travel time-filler for children and adults. Can’t get to the computer? Forgot your child’s (or adult’s) iPad? People of all ages and capabilities will have fun filling in this coloring book. You can also use this book to let go of daily stress, and develop the focus to relax, imagine, meditate, and concentrate while having fun at the same time. Why not have some good ol’ fashioned traditional fun? But most importantly, it’s a therapeutic alternative to dealing with grief.

Grief Relief Flower Power Therapy: Meditate, Celebrate, and Recuperate with Healing Mandalas Paperback – Large Print, August 5, 2022

Grief Relief Flower Power Therapy: Meditate, Celebrate, and Recuperate with Healing Mandalas Paperback – Large Print, August 5, 2022

While you’re grieving the loss of someone you love, this can serve as a wonderful hobby, and it’s designed for entrepreneurs and busy-bodies looking for time away from a long day’s job, or people with disabilities, or eye impairments like the curator of this coloring book! Do you care for someone, or is someone caring for you? Give this book as a gift to yourself or others, and it will remind them that they are loved — and you are loved! If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, feel good that your eyes will get a break from crying (with joy or sadness). Give your eyes a break from the strain of scrolling on your electronic device and toss your phone, iPad, or laptop, or even throw your computer off to the side! (Grief Relief coloring book, Created and written by Janine Vance).

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