You create your own Personal Meditation:  

Learn how to take charge and be in control by using meditation. Guided Visualization meditation is a form of relaxation and may be most effective to achieve what you want and prevent diseases.  Contact The Vance Twins to learn how to take the class for free.

Life Coach

Life Coach services:

Ready to make a change? Learn the secrets to living healthy from 25 years of experience of Jenette working with thousands of patients throughout her career in the healthcare industry. Just a phone call away 1:1 Life coach session.  “A Peaceful Mind Generates Power.” Norman Vincent Peale. 


Energy Therapy: 

Going in for surgery? Had a stressful medical procedure? Struggling with a medical condition? Need to relax due to overwhelming fears? A Reiki session would be perfect for you to decrease stress and anxiety.  Book a session with Jenette if you live in King County.


Write-for-Your-Life Classes and Mini-Sabbaticals.

Want to tap into your intuition and turn your life into a story? Ever thought about writing a book? Janine shares her writing secrets in a class or (if more serious) a home-based mini-sabbatical. You keep the copyrights and reap the rewards.

The Health Benefits

Do you want to prevent diseases and illness? Avoid at all cost the high cost of healthcare? It is best to ACT NOW to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Our minds are connected to our bodies and we have the ability to balance our lives for a healthy and peaceful future just by using our thoughts. Change your mindset, and everything else will fall into place.

Would you like a Life Coach who has 24 years experience in the healthcare field?

Jenette is a Certified Life Coach, Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist Assistance, and Reiki Master excited to assist you to find your passion, teach you skills on how to achieve your dreams, and/or help you delve deep within yourself to find answers. You will discover how the power of self-awareness can help you understand yourself from the inside out. Once you understand yourself on a deeper level, gain encouragement to take the next step and build self-esteem or self-worth that may have been lacking in the past, or learn how to decrease stress and anxiety so that you can make clear confident decisions, you will watch yourself create the real results that you want to see. She uses the same techniques for clients to reach their goals that she uses for thousands of patients of her almost two and a half decades of working in the healthcare field.

The Greatest Gift is Your True Authentic Self.
Finding your way there is the journey…

  • 1:1 Life Coach

    Call me for an hour and a half Life Coach Session from the comfort of your own home.

  • Meditation Group

    Join a meditation class and learn how to write your own personalized medical meditation script. Host the class and you take it for free!

  • Reiki Session

    Having or recovery from surgery? Need to relax? Anxious about something? Trying to cope from emotional trauma? Try Reiki for a soothing massage for the soul.

  • Write-for-Your-Life Mini-Sabbaticals.

    Ever thought about writing a book? Tap into your intuition and turn your life into a story. You keep the copyrights and reap the rewards.

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