From Grief to Peace

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What is Grief? Grief is unconditional love unexpressed. Love that you were not allowed to express… Grief comes on like waves of the ocean, you never know when that wave will hit you.  It may come in lightly barely touching, brushing up against your naked feet, reminding you gently or it comes on strong, sometimes as if you can’t breathe, … Read More

Tuning into your Energy with Reiki


Many of the processes of the body are related to energy within it. Reiki can help you tune into your energy in a number of different ways. If tuning into your energy sounds weird or New Age, just consider how a pacemaker is used to help a person with something wrong in relation to their heart beat. Cast your mind … Read More

An Introduction to Reiki and other Healing Energies

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A lot of people have heard of Reiki and other forms of traditional healing from the East, but aren’t sure how they work, or even if they actually do work. The truth is that Reiki DOES work, according to numerous studies, and is just one form of what we can term energy work, using the body’s energy to heal physical … Read More